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Scratchbuilt Fire Raptor

This is a mixed-media scratchbuilt Fire Raptor, put together using paper, card, bits of plastic straw, greenstuff and lots of glue. I started with a template, and modified it as I went along. I stayed fairly true to the stock Fire Raptor look, but there are some subtle and some not-so-subtle modifications.

The build has a fully decorated interior, and has a number of working hinged features, including the rear ramp, top hatch, cockpit canopy, wingtip VTOL jets and ailerons. The ballturrets can swivel left & right and can angle their barrels up & down. The landing gear is removable. The base is scratchbuilt using a shaped plexiglass rod
The pilot and gunners are cast from a master model I made outof greenstuff.

No kits were bashed in the making of this model.
In all this build took me the better part of 2019, and is now finally finished in a Blood Raven 9th Company color scheme.